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Choosing the right furniture for your home or business if you live in South-East Asia: Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Thailand

Chest of drawers with mirror and antique gold inlay

Most of us are confronted at different times with the same need: buying furniture for their home or business. Depending on your location, the options will vary and you might be surrounded by a huge range of choices or you might have to compromise amongst a narrow spectrum of furniture options. In Europe or the United States, the main difficulty is browsing through the hundreds, if not thousands, of furniture retailers or wholesalers that are vying to catch your attention and get you to spend your hard-earned cash in their stores. In South-East Asia, in countries like Vietnam, Cambodia or Laos, and Thailand in a lesser degree, the choices for furnishing your home or business are often limited and the savvy consumer will find that his is at a loss when considering the different options to buy furniture, online or offline. Buying furniture online, in these countries is quite a new proposition and rare are the online furniture retailers that can propose a solid and enticing furniture collection to the discerning customer. If you are looking for classical furniture, something along the styles of Louis 14th, Louis 15th, Louis 16th, Regency or Empire that were developed in France, there are many classical furniture reproductions and classical furniture factories around. If you are looking for true luxury, this is where the choice narrow immensely. If you are looking for middle to low quality replicas, then the choice is huge. We are now proposing an exclusive range of classical European furniture made by an Italian company that specializes in the production of true works of art. The price

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tag is significant but if you are looking for the best classical furniture, you will actually find these incredible classical pieces of furniture to be a bargain considering what this level of luxury would cost you one it was exported to a retailer in Europe or the U.S.A. French Empire pedestal / side table

French Empire pedestal / side table 4

Intricate details made of solid brass

French Empire pedestal / side table 3

Accents of this Napoleon era Empire style side-table

French Empire pedestal / side table 2

Pure elegance made using the lost wax process, only for luxury furniture

If you are looking for true luxury sofas, until recently, you would have to fork over more than 5.000 USD for a high-end designer sofa imported from Italy. Of course, cheap options can be found around town just look at Chilai furniture shops in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City / HCMC), Hanoi or elsewhere in Vietnam, average prices for one sofa are even below the 500 USD line. We aim to bring to discerning furniture buyers a range of new and exciting options in Vietnam and neighboring countries, Cambodia, Laos and Thailand. Made by a Danish company that has been specialized in producing luxury and designer sofas since 1955. Original designs and high-end components (Italian leather, imported fabrics, solid pine wood frames, real goose feathers, etc.) are the main attraction in our range of Danish designer sofas, now available online in Vietnam.

Danish design, absolute luxury

Danish design, absolute luxury

If you are looking for some exclusive designs, even design competition award-winning designs, then have a look at our imported luxury category. You will find some beautiful barbecues, grills and outdoor kitchens, fit for kings as well as a range of Austrian-made luxury furniture that has been created by the internationally famous German designer, Martin Ballendat. Our range of barbecues (BBQs), grills and outdoor kitchens come with a five year warranty, a testimony to the workmanship and cutting edge technology used in the production of these stainless steel works of art.

Luxury barbecues and grills in Vietnam: TACORA

Award-winning design and high-end quality reunite within our range of Spanish luxury barbecues (BBQs), grills and outdoor kitchens

For upmarket hotel projects or high-end dining locations, there is also the option of importing Austrian furniture, made by the highly regarded furniture producer Voglauer and designed by the reputed German designer Martin Ballendat.

Spirit designer furniture collection Austria_award-winner

Red Dot design award winner

We also have a partnership with a reputed English mosaic and wrought-iron furniture producer. The beauty of the mosaic tables and the warm shine of the ceramic tiles are truly stunning.


Ceramic tiles and mosaic art, timeless beauty

Last but not least, an exceptional collection of organic design furniture, hand-made from molten aluminum. Celebrate the talent and heritage of Quasar Khanh, Vietnam’s most famous furniture designer.


Quasar Khanh, Vietnam’s most famous designer: Organic art, Nervure collection

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