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Tips on buying furniture Laos online: how to buy the best sofa in Laos?

About right now, in 2013, a majority of the resident population of Laos would love to buy furniture online. Shopping for furniture online is very convenient since you get to choose the item you want while waiting for it right at the comfort of your home. There are many types of furniture made in Laos including wooden tables, marble chairs and wooden compartment items (buffets, sideboards, etc.).

Unfortunately for those living in Laos, there are not many options for buying furniture online, like for example a sofa, in Laos. If we consider that ten years ago, in 2003, there were only four furniture factories in Laos, this is easy to understand. We mean of course furniture producers with a certain size that can be qualified as Laos furniture producers and factories. Furniture factories in Laos are rare though and very few foreigners have chosen to invest in this industry. A notable foreign project is a Danish furniture factory in Laos run by a Dane, Ejnar Jorgensen.

A recurring concern in the furniture business is the sustainable use of wood and the protection of Laos’s forests and timber. Please always take this into consideration when choosing a furniture supplier in Laos.

In 2013 we have witnessed the launching of a new website whose aim is to make luxury and designer furniture available to discerning customers around the South-East Asia region in countries like Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia and of course, Laos. Never before was such an exclusive and high-end collection of furniture (locally produced furniture or imported furniture to Laos) available.

Mosaic tables and wrought iron furniture in Vietnam

Mosaic tables available online in Laos

If you are shopping online and are looking to buy the perfect Laos sofa, before touching that order button, here are some tips you should remember whenever trying to buy from Laos:

1) Buy from a trusted online furniture retailer in Laos

It is no secret there is a growing number of online retailers or shops selling furniture to residents in Laos but not all of them are trusted sellers. In the furniture online business, and Laos is no exception to the norm, there are some websites that are a scam so better take a look at their testimonials to see if a lot of people were happy with their service. This is not always easy to find and reviews coming from Laos furniture customers are rare. There are a lot of online sellers who would show what other customers thought about them by showing real customer testimonials. If you can’t find any customer testimonials from the online sellers you would like to buy your Laos sofa from then you can always ask your friends in order to find out which one of them is a good seller or a dependable retailer. You can now write down what they say in order to arrive at a good conclusion. You will never regret dealing with a trusted Laos furniture seller because they will always want to achieve complete customer satisfaction until the deal is done and most importantly, after the sofa Laos has been delivered to your home. The same can’t be said if you decide to deal with an unestablished online seller because they may still be testing the waters if that is indeed what they want to do. It may result in a lot of problems such as a lack of an efficient after-sales service which may make you regret your decision of dealing with them for the purchase of your sofa in Laos.

Luxury barbecues Laos: Stromboli 2

Luxury and designer barbecues, grills and outdoor kitchens, now available for purchase online (http://luxury-furniture-vietnam.com/) and delivery to your home or hotel in Laos

2) Take your time buying furniture in Laos

There are a lot of options for buying a Sofa Laos so you may want to take your time especially since that item is not known to be cheap, especially if you are looking for durable quality. You can also get the opinions of trusted friends while you browse through the items that are already available. There is really no deadline in buying each item so there is no point in hurrying unless you want to give a gift to your niece the very next day. However, if that is the case then you should have done your canvassing a long time ago and not at the last minute  😀 You will never be able to purchase a good furniture item like a luxury Laos sofa if you decide to do some last minute shopping. If there is an upcoming occasion then better prepare for it in order to avoid being upset.

3) Don’t settle for second hand furniture in Laos

One popular tip roaming around the neighborhood is to never buy a second hand item especially if you are looking to buy a sofa in Laos. There is a good reason why the item is being sold by the seller and he could do something to cover it up or simply, it has been used and worn by the previous years of use. He could tell you that he is leaving the country which is the reason why he is selling it. However, you will never find out the real reason it is being sold. This is why it is better to go for brand new items. You can be sure you are going to be the first person to use that item.

If you are looking for high-end and luxury furniture that you can purchase from the comfort of your home in Laos, whether you are in Vientiane or Luang Prabang, there is a new and exceptional option on the internet now in 2013! Danish, Italian and English furniture factories that are specialized in luxury furniture items are now offering their exclusive and original furniture creations online with the possibility of ordering these items and having them delivered to your door.

This exclusive furniture is also available for Laos hotels that are seeking luxury furniture for their hotel projects. If you are the manager of a Hotel Laos that is searching for new and original designer furniture for a furnishing and interior decoration project in one of your hotels, this website will be a rare treat for you.

Luxury sofas in Laos: Frederic sofa

Luxury sofas made by a Danish furniture producer, now available for online purchase and delivery in Laos.

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2 Responses to Tips on buying furniture Laos online: how to buy the best sofa in Laos?

  1. Kinnaly -

    May 8, 2014 at 4:11 am

    Hi I’m looking forward to order dining set bed set and living set. I am from laos. Could you please give me quotation price

    • Imagine Vietnam
      Imagine Vietnam -

      May 17, 2014 at 12:05 pm

      Hello Kinnaly, we can definitely deliver to your address in Laos. In order for us to give you a correct quote, we need you to give us the details of the furniture you want to import to Laos. With these details we can calculate the total volume of your order (cubic meters), we will also need your address, and we can give you a precise quote for buying furniture online in Laos from our site. Please use the email in the “Contact Us” page. See you!

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