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Quality of the fabrics used in the production of our Danish sofas sold online in Vietnam

Helsingor Luxury sofa Vietnam

The fabrics used by our Danish partner undergo extensive testing to check their durability. These tests are carried out by the independent and globally acknowledged quality testing firm SGS, either in Denmark or in Asia.

A high end fabric used in the production of luxury sofas must be resistant to the formation of pills during washing and regular wear that cause loose fibers to appear on the surface of the cloth.

There are two main tests carried out in the textile industry to determine the quality and resistance of a specific fabric: Martindale and Pilling tests.

Before beginning the the Martindale test, the fabric being tested is pulled taut and loaded onto the lower plates of the Martindale machine.  The test begin when small discs of worsted wool or wire mesh (the abradant) are continually rubbed against the fabric specimens in a Lissajous figure – a wandering, oscillating circle.  At regular intervals, the fabric is inspected for wear and tear. When two yarns break or when there is a noticeable change in appearance, the test is concluded and the number of cycles noted precisely for comparison with other fabric samples.


The performance of the fabrics used by our Danish partner in the production of their high end sofas is well above the industry standards. Most fabric and textile suppliers (China being one of the biggest suppliers) are under 20.000 cycles in the Martindale test (abrasion) and accept a pilling degree scale of 3-4 while the fabric used in our Danish sofas exceeds well beyond 30.000 cyles (some achieve 90.000) and have a pilling degree of minimum 4-5 (5 being the highest possible degree).


You can now buy these luxury sofas in Vietnam online and benefit from the high standards available in our range. Delivery to your home in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City), Hanoi and elsewhere in Vietnam. Delivery is also possible in neighbouring countries (Thailand, Cambodia and Laos).

Aarhus Danish luxury sofa 3

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