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Producing luxury sofas since 1955 in Denmark and since 2007 in Vietnam

Danish luxury sofa produced in Vietnam

Our Danish partner has been producing high-end sofas since 1955 when their family-owned business was founded in Aarhus, Denmark.

Each generation has contributed to building the reputation of top of the range sofas that is now well known on the international scene of luxury furniture retailers.

Skilled craftsmanship and Scandinavian designs have always been the common denominators throughout the history of this sofa producer. Other essential values, inherent to a luxury furniture producer are of course, quality, precision and pride. The relocation of the factory to Vietnam in 2007 and the successful transfer of these values to the Vietnamese employees have made this sofa producer become a bench-mark in the international luxury furniture industry.

Danish experts and management guarantee that the skills required but also the core values are reflected every day in a privileged and motivating atmosphere.

Constantly innovating in terms of focus and design, the style has evolved into sleek, minimalist and elegant sofas that reflect perfectly the Scandinavian creativity that is applauded and desired all over the world.

What was once a family workshop is now a factory with 80 employees. Despite this recent industrial dimension, any visitor to their sofa factory on the outskirts of Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City), will be impressed by the craftsmanship and attention to detail involved in the production of each individual sofa so that it is truly a top of the range upholstered furniture item that can be proudly displayed in luxury outlets and locations around the world.

Following Scandinavian principles regarding working conditions and the well-being of each individual, the methods and initiatives that are reflected on a day-to-day basis are almost exclusive in regards to other furniture producers in Vietnam.

Danish sofa producer in Vietnam 1

Motivated employees are key to preserving the reputation of an international luxury furniture brand.

  • All labour and social regulations are thoroughly implemented, salaries and working hours are very competitive so as to have a highly motivated work force that will be present on the long term, acquiring and improving their skills ever day.
  • All the work is carried out in air-conditioned rooms and all tools as well as working stations are conceived to be ergonomic and reduce unwanted strain on the staff.
  • Employees receive full equipment upon arrival, including working clothes, a nutritious daily lunch. There is always a water cooler with hot and cold water nearby in every building.
  • The compliance with international social requirements and environmental conditions is audited every year by an independent CSR firm.
  • All the leftovers and garbage are sorted out so they can be recycled and there is a specific focus on using environmentally friendly materials.
  • Component suppliers also have to comply with the same working and environmental standards (they are also audited by an independent CSR company).
  • En equal opportunity employer, gender balance amongst employees is sought and currently there is a 50-50 male-female balance.
  • A huge step forward in making factories more human has been taken by planning to  recruit disabled employees in the near future.
  • All employees benefit from an annual mandatory yet confidential checkup. Additionally,  there are ongoing HIV/AIDS seminars, first-aid and safety courses.
  • There is an employee represented labor union whose creation has been subsidized by the company. Recently, part of the union funds have been used for a 3-day company outing to Na Thrang in central Vietnam.
  • In order to encourages training and education, in 2010 all employees were offered a long-term basic english course. All key employees receive ongoing English language courses which are funded by the company.
  • Employees are encouraged to take part in decisions regarding work organisation and other aspects related to the every day life of the factory. In order to appraise effectively all staff, there are annual personal performance meetings and ongoing management meetings.
  • True to Danish values, employee satisfaction is paramount for this furniture producer in Vietnam who knows that well-being and respect promotes motivation, enthusiasm and care. Without highly motivated human resources, skill alone cannot ensure the demanding requirements needed to preserve and develop further the reputation of a luxury brand. Proof of the success of this human management is the fact that most of the employees that were recruited at the start of operations in 2007 in Vietnam, are still part of the company and very proud to do so. Anyone who works in the furniture industry in Vietnam can appreciate the complexity of retaining highly skilled workers.
Danish sofa producer in Vietnam 2

Employees take part in decision making through performance and management meetings.



















These sofas, built by a furniture producer with experience in manufacturing luxury upholstered furniture spanning over more than half a century, are now available online in Vietnam. Previously reserved for export, you can now purchase your own luxury Danish sofa from the comfort of your home in Saigon (HCMC), Hanoi or elsewhere in Vietnam.

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