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IKEA Saigon: the only option for purchasing Scandinavian furniture in Vietnam (Saigon / HCMC, Hanoi, etc.)?

Danish daybed available online in Vietnam

Ikea is definitely the major success story in global furniture retail. Wherever it has opened its doors, customers have been enthusiastic to purchase the functional furniture on offer along with the Scandinavian names attached to each item.

Every year, the new IKEA catalogue is sought and collected by avid fans.

Inter IKEA Systems B.V. was established in 1983 in the Netherlands and was the initial step taken toward globalization. Most of the international expansion, especially in Asia, is carried out through a system of franchises.

Major subcontractors (factories producing the furniture sold in IKEA stores) are located in China, India and of course Vietnam.

But…is IKEA the only option for buying Scandinavian furniture in Vietnam and abroad? It all depends on the type of furniture you are looking for and the budget you are ready to allocate to your furnishing project. Price-wise, this famous retailer is very efficient in delivering quality products at low prices. The inconvenience, most of us Europeans (as we have been buying furniture from IKEA for a long time) realize, is that, due to the huge commercial success, their products are everywhere so you should not mind “sharing” your choices or interior decoration. This means that the lamp, stool or sofa that you bought and that you are rightly very proud of, will also be in the homes of your friends and thousands of other people. Nothing wrong with that for sure! Just don’t expect exclusivity and you will be fine.

IKEA will soon be in Saigon and perhaps elsewhere in Vietnam, Hanoi being another probable location. Estimates say that this will happen in 2015. For a huge majority, this will be a great event and we also will be happy to share the online furniture scene with this behemoth of furniture retail.

Our website, luxury furniture in Vietnam, aims to reach a much smaller public which is looking to buy furniture in Saigon, Hanoi and elsewhere in Vietnam that has nothing in common with the furniture on offer in IKEA stores in Saigon or in any city of the world.

We focus on designer furniture made by exclusive furniture manufacturers that specialize in high-end and luxury furniture. The sofas we sell are 100% Scandinavian. Ours are produced in Vietnam by a factory under direct ownership and management by a renowned Danish furniture producer while IKEA’s are produced in other Asian countries by subcontractors.

Actually, we cannot compare our furniture range with the offer in IKEA stores in Saigon, Hanoi (to come), etc. We aim to supply the top of the market buyers that are looking for exclusive designs and high-quality components combined with the manufacturing skills acquired by a Danish family owned business over several generations. Luxury upholstered furniture is our common denominator so obviously, we are in another field compared to IKEA which is a perfect option for medium range buyers looking to make a price oriented purchase of mainstream designs above all.

With the advent of IKEA opening in Saigon in 2015, the spectrum of choices for buying Scandinavian furniture in Saigon, Hanoi and elsewhere in Vietnam will be rich and diverse, the best situation for all customers looking to purchase furniture whether it is luxury furniture or more functional  and price-oriented furniture.

We will strive to bring to you the best option for Scandinavian design and luxury finishing with our range of sofas available online in Saigon, Hanoi and across Vietnam. Competition is healthy for all parties involved (buyers, sellers and competitors), it would be wrong to see it otherwise.

Good shopping to all!

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