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How to distinguish a luxury sofa from the rest of sofas available in Vietnam

Danish designer sofas Vietnam HORSHOM 2

In a previous post, we discussed two essential tests that are carried out to measure the durability of a fabric used in the production of a sofa: The Martindale and the Pilling tests.

A luxury sofa will naturally be made with fabric that achieves high scores in both these tests. See the results of the fabrics used to make our Danish sofas here. Most of the sofas available in stores in Vietnam and around the world cannot meet these stringent requirements (more than 35.000 cycles for the Martindale test and Pilling degree scale of 4-5).

producing a luxury sofa in Vietnam 5The most important component in any high end sofa: skilled and motivated workers and direct supervision by master craftsmen. producing a luxury sofa in VietnamNotice the Vietnamese and the Danish flags on the t-shirt sleeve, our Danish partner brings together the best of both countries to achieve maximum synergy after relocating a family owned luxury furniture production business from Denmark to Vietnam. producing a luxury sofa in Vietnam 3Attention to detail VS mass production, two totally different logics.

In a future post, we will discuss the quality of leather to be used in a luxury sofa.

Beneath the design and the upholstery of a sofa (fabric or leather), is the core which is made of the frame, the suspension and the cushion filling.

In this post we will review these other features that are essential in the production of a high-end sofa, one that you will keep for many years to come, enjoying every moment.

Features such as the frame, suspension and cushion filling are paramount to the overall quality of a sofa. The large spectrum of differences in these features from one sofa producer to another explain the huge variance in factory prices. Of course, retailers will apply their margins which can be more or less exaggerated and this systematically leads to inflated prices for the few quality sofas that are available for purchase in Saigon, Hanoi or in any major city in South-East Asia.

The Danish sofas we offer are at the top of the pyramid of luxury sofas yet the prices we can offer online are well within the reach of the average consumer because we will send them directly from our partner’s factory to your home, without all the overhead of a classical brick and mortar store.


The frame is the inner core of the structure of a sofa. The frame will have a direct impact on the comfort and quality of sofa. As furniture professionals know well, quality is present well below the looks (design and fabric used) of a sofa and that the quality of the frame will dictate the ensuing quality of the finished product.

We have visited countless sofa factories in Vietnam and neighbouring countries, most of the sofas we have examined would not fare well if they were stripped bare. Rare are those that would stand proud, many are those that would redden in shame.  Thiet ke Web chuan SEO

Most of the frames used in producing mainstream and high volume sofas are made of standard or sub-standard plywood which is stapled. The frames in our Danish sofas are made of solid pine wood that is glued, dowelled and screwed to ensure durability and comfort. There are also reinforcing blocks in the corners to provide extra support.

The ideal sofa frame is made of solid wood that has been kiln dried with a few parts made of furniture grade plywood or mdf. Kiln drying removes the moisture contained within the wood and will prevent warping and cracking in the future. Furniture grade mdf or plywood is several layers thicker than the standard version and is only used where it is technically required within the frame.

The frames from our Danish partner are made of solid pine wood and some components are in mdf. Such is the importance of this structure in a sofa meant to last for many years that the production of the frames is trusted to a Swedish company specialized in manufacturing frames for high-end sofas. This partnership between a Swedish company producing sofa frames and a Danish company producing luxury cushions, upholstery and of course designs for several generations will guarantee that you purchase a truly Scandinavian sofa that is without doubt an exceptional furniture item.

Our frames are covered with a profile of hard pressed foam before adding high resilient foam so as to avoid any sensation of “feeling the frame” and provide maximum comfort.


All experts will agree, the best way to implement a long lasting and comfortable seating support system requires highly skilled craftsmanship and the most recent high grade components.

Modern springs, are of the horizontal kind, with an “S” shape, running from the front of the seat to the back of the sofa and are used in contemporary designs as they require less space. Webbing can also be used and you will see bands crossing the seating support. For optimal quality, a tensioner is required to ensure that the webbing is securely attached to the frame, once more, the skill of the craftsman is essential for enduring quality and comfort.

producing a luxury sofa in Vietnam 6

The use of coils, one the best alternatives in the past, is receding due to innovation in this essential domain. The modern springs, know also as sinuous construction, avoid sagging over time.

All the seating suspension sytems in our sofas are at the cutting edge of recent technology and they are hand-tied by skilled craftsment in order to ensure maximum performance and durability.


The cushions (seating and back-rests) are the part of the sofa you will be in immediate contact with and must make you oblivious to all the rest of the sofa. As a matter of fact, all the components of the sofa must compose together one unique and irresistible note: maximum comfort.

The premium choice for the filling will obviously be down/feather filling for a soft and comfortable cushion. However, a cushion that is exclusively filled of feathers will be too soft and loose its original shape very quickly. Combining down and balls fibers is an expensive option reserved for sofas sought by the most discerning customers.

producing a luxury sofa in Vietnam producing a luxury sofa in Vietnam 8Each cushion is carefully crafted to comply with standards acquired over 50 years of experience making luxury sofas for the most demanding customers. producing a luxury sofa in Vietnam 7 Real down (feathers), pure luxury rarely available in sofas across the world. These Danish sofas are now available for purchase in Vietnam.

The seat cushions of our Danish sofas are made of highly resilient foam (density 35 kg/cbm) wrapped around a core of down and ball fibres.

The back cushions of our sofas are a mix of down and ball fibers without any foam insert.

The quality of comfort you can achieve in this way is very rare and is seldom found in any sofa unless you are (or the retailer you are buying it from) importing it into Vietnam with all the implications that implies on the price.

Follow this link to buy your Danish sofa in Saigon (HCMC), Hanoi and elsewhere in Vietnam.



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