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An Italian furniture producer specialized in luxury classical and antique European furniture (Louis XVI, Chippendale, etc.)

European Heritage Collection, where classic designs and true luxury blend in perfect harmony

Looking at Tradition to Design Future living

It is an honor to present the European Heritage Collection, a collection of truly unique and exclusive furniture that has been imagined, designed and produced under the direct supervision of an Italian “Maestro”.

Produced in a state of the art factory in Binh Duong, Vietnam while using techniques that comply with the strict rules that govern the production of classical furniture according to the “rule of art” (“a regola d’arte”, in Italian), rules which have not changed since the Middle Ages.

Our European Heritage Collection brings together extraordinary furniture items belonging to different periods of the history of the “Old World” or “Old Continent” such as the incredible French furniture and the particular furniture styles of the Louis XIV Louis 14th, Louis XV Louis 15th or Louis XVI (Louis 16th ) periods as well as French furniture inspired by the “Empire” period under the reign of Napoleon. English historical periods are also represented with some items inspired by the famous Chippendale style.

Never before was it possible to purchase in Vietnam such truly luxurious and perfect antique furniture reproductions such as those belonging to our classical European Heritage Collection. Until now, all the furniture produced by this Italian luxury classical furniture producer was reserved for export to the most distinguished retailers around the world, from the United States to the Arab Emirates.

Absolute luxury in the form of classical European furniture is now available online in Vietnam and neighboring countries (Thailand, Laos and Cambodia).

French furniture became famous under different periods of French history, ranging from the French Regency (“Régence”) to the above-mentioned Louis 14, Louis 15 and Louis 16 periods or the later “Empire” period resulting from the Napoleonic campaigns in Africa.

Through our partnership with an Italian furniture producer, with a factory in the outskirts of Saigon / Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam) that is specialized in producing high-end and luxury historical European classical furniture reproductions.


Classical furniture production Classical furniture drawing in an Italian factory in Vietnam Classical furniture drawing in an Italian factory in Vietnam 2

Above all, this range of classical European furniture is offered online for customers in Vietnam who seek true luxury in its finest and most elegant forms. Upon visiting our collection, you will be thrilled by the exquisite blend of elegant and refined shapes, museum-worthy finishing’s, magnificent handmade carvings, and unbelievably delicate brass accents of the finest quality made according to the strict standards of “A Regola d’Arte” an Italian expression synonymous of masterwork.

All furniture items, from French, Italian and English periods and, generally speaking, of European Heritage, are inspired from the finest French, Italian and English craftsmanship traditions of the XVIII (18th) and XIX (19th) century, achieving a perfect balance between the time-proven demanding standards needed to produce masterpieces of this kind, with a slight touch of more modern aesthetic trends to suit the contemporary lifestyle of our discerning customers in Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia or Laos.

Classical masterpieces produced under the direct supervision of an Italian “Maestro” in strict compliance with “A Regola d’Arte” standards

Each masterpiece is made according to the demanding standards of “A Regola D’Arte” while under the direct supervision of a true Italian master craftsman. Our partner, an Italian furniture producer, Encore IHF, manufactures jewellery quality furniture. Ancient methods used to produce furniture fit for kings, such as lost wax (“cire perdue”) casting for the production of delicate and elaborate brass accents provide the finishing touch for this exclusive range of luxury furniture.

The master craftsman at the helm of the furniture production is an Italian with decades of experience in producing high-end classical furniture.

In addition to his hands-on experience in producing traditional European furniture, he has acquired a deep understanding of the different trends across different periods encompassing an extensive “History of European Furniture” he has acquired an extensive knowledge of all periods, styles and their detailed characteristics in the History of European Furniture.

Our expert’s experience with furniture spans over more than 45 years and includes trading and appraising antiques, restoring antique furniture as well as designing and crafting luxury classical furniture. His incomparable career and in-depth understanding of classical styles acquired over these years of personal experience and learning from masters of the past century have given him a thorough understanding of the different techniques applied by his predecessors. It is in now way an exaggeration to affirm that he can manufacture furniture fit for kings and nobility.

Timeless masterpieces produced applying ancient techniques and respecting the strictest standards required of true luxury furniture

Our entire collection of European heritage furniture (Classical English, Italian and French furniture styles) has been produced in a factory where machines are rarely used, skill and hands being the main components. Only carefully selected raw materials are used in creating these handcrafted works of art.

classical fine furniture 1 available online in Vietnam classical fine furniture 2 available online in Vietnam classical fine furniture 3 available online in Vietnam

An ancient technique that is required to make these timeless furniture pieces is the technique of lost-wax casting that, if carried out by expert hands, can produce delicate and beautifully detailed works of art.

lost_wax_1 available online in Vietnam lost_wax_2 available online in Vietnam lost_wax_3 available online in Vietnam lost_wax_4 available online in Vietnam
lost_wax_5 available online in Vietnam lost_wax_6 available online in Vietnam lost_wax_7 available online in Vietnam lost_wax available online in Vietnam

In this collection of classical European furniture, some pieces are gilded with the finest gold-leaf. This technique involves skill, patience and true passion for the finest of things.

gold_leaf_guilding_1 available online in Vietnam gold_leaf_guilding_2 available online in Vietnam gold_leaf_guilding_3 available online in Vietnam

Encore IHF, true luxury born from the dream of a management team that has been an essential component of the evolution of luxury furniture production across the world

Encore’s origins take their roots from within a team of people passionate about furniture with an extensive track-record of achievements and success at a world-wide famous brand, known for the impeccable quality of its classical furniture range. In true adventurous fashion, after selling their shares and stock-options, this band of friends reunited in 2008 to form Encore, building a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Vietnam. Their audacious project soon saw the arrival of Italian investors belonging to a well-known Italian high-end furniture company.

Bringing together the huge talent of a master craftsman, along with the savviest of management teams with their unique wealth of complementing expertise in design, knowledge of European classical periods, furniture styles and workmanship is truly a rare feat. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to own a collector’s furniture item, made by a company dedicated to offering you true value for the very best classical designs in home furnishings, accessories and lighting available today. Using time-tested European production techniques and exclusive imported materials under the supervision of an Italian master artisan, you are sure to purchase transitional designs with one foot in the past and the other firmly entrenched in the present. Such works of art will combine perfectly with today’s high end interiors and without doubt, be tomorrow’s heirlooms.

This extraordinary classical European furniture collection, composed exclusively of luxury and high-end pieces, is now available for purchase online in Vietnam and neighboring countries (Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, etc.).

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